How to share points

To share your points with another user follow the steps below:

Step 1. Log in to your SolidOpinion account and select the "Your Profile" tab:

Step 2. Scroll down the page until you see the "Your SolidOpinion activity" headline along with the "Search Site" field:

Step 3.  In the "Search Site" field type in the necessary short name:

Step 4. After entering the short name your site will appear under the "Search Site" field. Click on the "Transfer points" button:   

Step 5.  After clicking on the "Transfer points" button, you’ll see a pop-up window, where you should provide the email address of the user you want to transfer points to, then click on the search button
Step 6.  Click on the "Select" button:

Step 7. Enter the number of points you want to transfer and click the "Confirm" button.
The maximum number of points that can be sent per transaction - 99999 points: 

Step 8.  After that you’ll see a window with a confirmation that the points were transferred:   

Site administrators can transfer any amount of points to any user. Ordinary users are limited in the amount of points they can transfer by the points balance and site settings.

The site owner can set the points transfer cost in the “Games Rules” tab of the admin panel.

Happy commenting!

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