Promoted comments

To change the "Promoted Comments" settings follow the steps below:  

Step 1. Log in to your SolidOpinion account. 

Step 3.  Go to the "Your Sites" tab on the top panel of the website.

Step 4. Enter the shortname of the site you need.

Step 5.  Find the website you want to change the "Promoted Comments" settings for and click the "Settings" button.

Step 6. Select the "Revenue" tab.

Note: Make sure that one of the promoted widget types is selected as the main one (Promoted Comments, Promoted Comments + Regular Comments, Promoted Comments + Regular Comments (folded) or Promoted Headlines), otherwise the "Revenue" tab will be locked for changes.  

Step 7.
 At this tab you can find all possible "Promoted headline" settings and "Promoted Comments" options.

Step 8. Scroll down the web page until you see the "Promoted Comments" headline:

Step 9. Customize the settings for each of the options:
  • Number of comments displayed in the promoted comment section use this option to set the number of promoted comments to be displayed in the promoted comment section

  • Minimum bid for a promotional comment – use this option to set a minimum amount of points for a user to spend to make a bid

  • All expanded / Comment length to be displayed – use this option to set the number of comment lines to be displayed

  • Set expiration date for promo comment on site this option is used to set expiration time for promoted comments, that means that the message will be on the top of the Promoted Comments section for a period of time specified in the settings unless someone outbids it

  • Legend above the Promo Comments use this option to enter a short legend about the "Promoted Сomments".

Example: "Top Comments", "Promoted Сomments":  

  • Default text in the comment text field use this option to write a default text which will be displayed in the comment text field:  

  • Display current commenter points balance – use this option to enable or disable the display of a commenter points balance in the comment area: 

  • Promoted comment description – use this option to set a default text for the "Promoted Comments" description:  

  • Display example Promo comment if there is no Promo comments in the discussion yet – use this option to show an example of a promoted comment in case there are no promoted comments in the discussion yet. Once the first promoted comment is posted the example of a promoted comment will disappear:  

  • Apply restricted words policy for Promo comments – use this option to enable or disable the restricted policy on the usage of some words on your website: 

  • Fill in Promo comments section with Regular comments when there is not enough Promo comments on the page  

  • Send promo comment for post moderation – use this option to enable or disable sending promoted comments to post moderation.

  • Is it an Ad? – use this option to enable or disable informing other users that a certain message is an advertisement:  

  • Allow to publish clickable links only in promo comments

  • Add Ads explanation to Promo comments – use this option to add the "Ad" icon to"“Promo comments":  

Step 9. To confirm the changes in the settings click the "Save changes" button. Once this is done the message: "Settings were successfully updated" will appear at the top of the page.

Learn more about  "Promoted comments" settings.  

Happy commenting!

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