Widget "Promoted Headlines"

How it works?

       All Promoted Headlines pass premoderation proсedure. It means that after publication the Headline is not displayed in the site before moderation. The Headline passes manual moderation after publication.

      Promo Headlines are moderated 24 hours per day, 7 days per week by SO moderation team. The average moderation time is 3 min. If the Headline does not respond to the site rules or agreed standards it will be declined in moderation, and settled points will be returned to the author's account.

Initially, the "Promoted Headlines" widget news is not specified, and only shows a message “Place your message here. Find out how here.”:   

How to create a new headline on the widget? Click the down arrow in the message line to open a window where you can create a new headline or look at available headlines Write down the message you need to be posted and press the "Promote"  button.  

Note: You can also pin a link to your headline following the steps:

  1. Add the link to the link field;

  2. Click the "Promote" button;

After pressing the "Promote" button you will need to sign in and specify points for the Top position and Insurance :

To install the "Promoted Headlines" Widget on your site, please read the following Instruction.

Happy commenting!

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