You can manage the following settings on the "Filters" tab: 

 Restricted Words

According to restricted words policy, comments and fakenames containing a word specified in this filter will be either automatically discarded (the "Discard" button is on) or sent for further moderation (the "Moderate" button is on). If you want to add filters automatically you can choose the language from the profanity list filter and then supplement it with your own words separated by commas.            

2. Your server IPs, for API calls protection

The list of servers for direct calls to our API, use only if you need to call our API to accrue coins independently.

3. Allowed domains

View article Installing the widget on multiple domains

4. Single Sign On

If you have installed the plugin SolidOpinion in order to allow commentators to register/login into your website and in SolidOpinion Comments at the same time you need to activate the "Enable Single Sign On" checkbox, then copy this text and paste it in your plugin admin panel of the site:

In order to turn off Single Sign On option click on the "Turn off other login options" checkbox:

You can also choose available authorizations from widget:
  1. Turn off other login options
  2. SolidOpinion
  3. Facebook
  4. Vkontakte
  5. Google+
  6. Yahoo
  7. Twitter
  8. Disqus

For example in the screenshot has disabled the login via Disqus and Google+

If the "Send notifications to commentators on my site" checkbox SolidOpinion would be disabled so they will not receive notifications about the applied effects and responses.

5. Spam protection

You can specify the required amount of commenters who have to flag the message as inappropriate before the user to be blocked:

User will be blacklisted forever with the note "AUTO: possible spammer":

6. Optional manual moderation

For select publishers, we offer manual moderation free of charge. If you'd like to take advantage of it you need to activate this option.

7. Blacklists and Whitelists

This option is used by the site owners to ban or to give privileges to specific users to post comments on the site. Read more here Blacklists and Whitelists

Happy commenting!

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