Blacklists and Whitelists

Our commenting system has two list types: Blacklists and Whitelists.

Blacklists: Blacklisted users can’t comment

but they can spend their points as they wish. To connect with the site owner blacklisted user can send only one complain request to the administrator using the form appeared after trying to post comment. Sending complain request is once-off.

Whitelist: Whitelisted users despite site’s policy can comment and all their comments are approved automatically as site owner’s and moderators’ comments as well.

To add a user right away to the Whitelist after the first comment you can turn on the "Automatically add user to whitelist after their first comment is approved" function activating the checkbox.

You can also filter users who can add comments in your site. In order to do this you need to choose the following variants in the screenshot below:

You can add a user to the Black/White in two ways:
  1. From Backend
  2. From Widget
I. To add user from Backend follow the steps below:

      1. Click on the "Add new filter" button

Choose the list type you want the user to be added in:

Whitelist form looks like the following:

          а) "
Filter by" has 3 attributes. Choose the attribute you need;

          b) "Value" field fills in with user’s name;
          c) "Email" field fills in automatically;
          d) "Note" short explanation why user.

      4. Blacklist form looks like the following:

            а) "Filter by" has 3 attributes as well. Choose the attribute you need;
            b) "Choose interval for author to be blacklisted" has 4 attributes:

            c) "Value" field fills in with user’s name;
            d) "Email" field fills in automatically;  
            e) "Note" short explanation; 

        5. Click the "Save changes" button to save changes. 

II. Block user from Widget looks like the following:

Happy commenting!

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