You can see the widget "Preview" after all the changes you have applied:

The "Style" menu allows you to choose main widget type and customize its layout. The menu contains with few tabs:
  1. Configure
  2. Colors
  3. Ad space
  4. Community tab
  5. Community widget

1. "Configure"

Main widget type - specifies the main widget type
Sort comments by - displays comments according to the sorting parameters
Display comment in reply - display comments in reply:
  • By clicking on "more"
  • Always - move to comment
Click on Enter - "Enter" key conduct in the text field:
  • Opens new line - pressing Enter moves your cursor to a new line
  • Skips one empty line and opens new line - pressing Enter moves the cursor in one line
Display attachments (pictures and videos) - display attachment files (photos, videos):
  • By click - to show full size clicking mouse
  • Always - always in full size 
Scrolling - display large amount of comments in page:
  • Show more button - browsing discussion pressing the "Show more" button
  • Automatic - show discussion as scroll down the page
Comments to load per click on "Show more" button/Autoload - sets the amount of comments for the "Show more" button

  • Vote up / Vote down 
  • Like / Dislike
  • Both 
Display comments from authors with negative balance / Blacklisted:
  • Yes
  • No 
Help tab - turn on/off the "Help" tab in the main widget:
  • Enabled 
  • Disabled
Display commenting rules above the widget:
  • Yes
  • No 
Absolute time format:  
  • absolute time format (24h)
  • relative time format (AM / PM)
Emotions - emotions templates: 
  • Classic
  • Fun (default)
  • Holidays
Note: after switching template to other, emotions template applied on the widget before, remain unchanged.

2. "Color"

Four preset template colors main widget :
  • Select
  • Blue
  • Dark
  • Grey
Changing any scheme color of the selected item to other, the scheme color changes to the "Select" template. You can customize the colors of the elements of the widget:
  • user name and links
  • system text
  • menu
  • comment font
  • like/vote up
  • button
  • comment field background
  • dislike/vote down
  • cancel button
  • button text
  • comment field border
  • user info border
  • comment background

3. "Ad space"

You can customize the advertising blocks in the widget in 4 different locations:

There are 4 variants:
  1. None
  2. Ad space
  3. Recommended threads
  4. Latest threads
One of the ad block can be replaced by "Recommended threads". In this case there will be links to other discussions (pages with installed widget) in this site instead of ad block.

4. "Community tab"

"Community" tab settings:
The "Community" tab displays in the main widget and contains with 4 blocks:
  • Popular threads (max commented threads)
  • Last threads (last commented threads)
  • Top commenters (top commenters according to points balance)
  • Popular commenters (top commenters according to (votes up - votes down + likes - dislikes) amount)

Note: Display conditions - the availability of information for one of the 4 top lists. The tab does not appear on the newly installed widgets on a clean database

To display tab its enough for user to sign up / log in and leave comment.
Configurable parameters:
  • displayed tabs (activate/deactivate checkbox)

  • tabs order (drag&drop to change order)

  • number of items to be displayed (parameter aplies to the "Community" widget as well)

To turn off the "Community" tab activate the "Disable community tab" checkbox (checkbox is deactivated by default)

  • show popular threads: popular threads display duration:

  • show latest threads: new threads display duration:

5. "Community widget"

As usual is located in the sidebar and display "People" - top commenters, "Recent" - new threads, "Popular" - popular threads

"Community widget" settings:
  • tabs to display activate/deactivate the checkbox

  • display tabs order (drag&drop to change order)

  • tab displayed after widet downloading (activate/deactivate radiobutton)

  • maximum number of items to be displayed for both Community Widget and Community Tab 
You are able to adjust color widget “Community” scheme or apply colors of widget comments:

To change color of certain text element in widget use checkbox choosing the color you need:
  • user name and links

  • comment background

  • dislike/vote down

  • like/vote up

  • system text

  • transparent: use to make widget transparent (when you need the widget to follow the page texture)

  • apply same scheme as in comments: use to apply color scheme similar to the main widget type

  • maximum number of items to be displayed for both Community widget and Community Tab - apply to limit or increase list length which displays in widget and tabs, max length is 10

Happy commenting!

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