"Promoted Headlines" for commenters

How it works?

All "Promo Headlines" are pre-moderated. This means that after publishing the Title is not displayed on the site before moderation. The title is moderated manually after publication.

Promo Headlines are moderated 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, by our moderators team. The average moderation time is 3 minutes. If the Title does not comply with site rules or generally accepted standards, it will be rejected when moderated, and paid points will be returned to the author's account.

Initially, there are no entries in the "Promo Headlines" widget, but only there is a message "Place your message here. Find out how here ".


Click the down arrow in the message line to open a window in which you can create a new Title or look at the available headers:

How to create a new Promoted Headline?

Write the text and paste the link in the "Promo Headlines" text field, and then click on the "Promote" button:

After clicking on the "Promote" button you will have to specify coins for the top position and insurance.

And a message will appear that the promo title has been successfully added

To install the "Promo Headlines" widget on your website, read this Instruction.

To customize the settings for the Promo Headlines widget, go here.

Happy commenting!

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