Custom Ranks

      SolidOpinion commenting system gives you an ability to determine the rank of certain users out of general Ranks system.
To create an additional Ranks system open the "Your sites" tab, then type in the shortname of the site you need and open the "Ranks" submenu of the Settings.

Scrolling down the page you will see the "Add Custom Rank" button to add new  custom rank.

To add a new custom rank, you need click on the "Add custom rank" and in the pop-up window type the following data:
  • User name (user’s nickname or e-mail) – choose the e-mail from the search list;
  • Rank title – the rank title you want to create (can coincide with the username);
  • Choose the custom icon to notate the rank and specify its color;
  • or upload the image from computer;
Note: There are limits to uploading profile picture:
  • image format supports JPG / PNG / GIF extensions;
  • picture size is not less than 16x16 pixels and not more than 5 MB;
Click the "Save changes" button to confirm.

Custom ranks looks like the following:

You can also:
  • edit / delete custom ranks clicking the edit / delete icon beside the rank;;
  • delete users from the rank by clicking the trash icon beside the user;
Note: If the user has a regular rank but is included in the custom rank list, so he will be assigned the custom rank settings (the rank title, the icon and the rank color) and other settings of his ordinary rank (free effects, moderation rights etc.) will not change and will depend on number of points.
Custom ranks looks like the following on the widget:

Happy commenting!

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