Moderator Tag

The SolidOpinion commenting system enables indicating the "Moderator" tag directly on the widget, if needed.

To manage this option follow the instructions below:

Step 1. Log in to your SolidOpinion account.

Step 2. Find the site you need in the "Your sites" tab, click the "Settings" button and select the "Moderation" option from the dropdown menu:

Step 3. Enter the appropriate tag in the "Display Moderator tag for moderators on widget" field:

Step 4. Click the "Yes" button to activate the option. If you want to disable the option, click the "No" button.

Step 5. Click the "Save Changes" button:

If the user from the list of moderators posts a comment in the thread, the tag will appear next to the nickname:

To add a user to the list of moderators please read the following Instruction here.

Happy commenting!

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