Why can’t I comment?

There are several reasons why you may be unable to post a comment:

1. The widget does not load.

2. You were blacklisted. You may be blacklisted due to the site spam policy, so you have "read-only" access. You will see the following message in case this happens:

Note: You won’t be able to post comments until you are removed from the blacklist by the site administrator

3. You were using restricted word(s) in your comment. All comments are checked automatically by the site Restricted Words Filter. If there are any restricted words in your comment you will see the following alerting notification:

4. You were prevented from commenting by another user. It means that the "Prevent author from posting" effect was applied to you by another user. This is a temporary effect, so you won’t be able to post comments for a period of time set by another user. You will see the following alerting notification in case this happens: 

Why can’t I post a reply?

Another user turned off replies to their comment. It means that the "Turn off replies" effect was applied to a certain comment by another user. In this case the "Reply" button to the corresponding comment will disappear: 

Why can’t I promote a comment?

You don’t have enough points. You need to buy more points to promote your comment. 

When you click the "Accept" button you will be redirected to the payment window where you can buy points:

For more information click here.

Still having trouble? 

If you need assistance, please email us at support@solidopinion.com with the following details: 
1) Description of the issue;
2) Link to the page with the issue;
3) Screenshots illustrating the problem;
4) Browser you are using.

Happy commenting!

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