How to buy points?

There are several ways users can buy points:

1. Via the "Profile" menu:

Via the "Profile" tab:

3. In case you don’t have enough points, for example, to promote the comment you can buy the required number of points via the bidding window, which will appear after clicking the "Promote" button under your comment.

Find the "Buy points" button in the "Promote the comment" popup window:

After clicking the "Buy points" button you will be redirected to the payment page where you can buy a certain number of points by selecting one of the two available payment options:

Note: In case you want to apply any paid effect and don’t have enough points you will be redirected to the payment page as well.

1. Pay with Credit Card. In the popup window you need to provide your credit card details (all fields are required) and then click the "Pay X $" button to confirm the payment:

If you want to save your credit card details for future points purchase just put a tick in the "Remember me" checkbox.

Note: We use the Stripe payment system to store your credit card information securely for faster checkout on sites. Here you can read more information about Stripe.

2. Pay with PayPal. You can use your existing PayPal account or PayPal Guest Checkout to make a payment:

Make sure to provide all necessary information while making a payment via PayPal system and confirm the payment.

Happy commenting!

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