Why does my comment disappear?

Comments can be removed from the discussion if they were marked as spam or deleted by a site moderator. The following commenting behavior can cause comments to be marked as spam/deleted:

1. Containing a name or suspicious website link or links at the end of multiple comments;
2. Bad or strange look. For example, extreme paragraph breaks, bad punctuation, double-spaced comments, etc.;
3. Posting the same comment multiple times to the same page, or across sites;
4. Containing abusive, indecorous or rude content, intentional offending intended to other users.
5. Containing calls for violence, murder, suicide, racial and other type of discrimination etc.
6. Containing swear words or its interpretations.
7. Other content restrictions described in the site rules.

In case you are sure that you didn’t break the rules, contact moderators of the site to question why your comment has been removed.

Note: If you regularly violate site rules, you will be banned. For more information about other reasons you can be banned for, read here.The full details why you can be banned read here. 

Happy commenting!

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