Why do I need points?

SolidOpinion commenting system based on the points principle enjoyment. The more points you have, the more possibilities you are opened to . You can even become a site moderator! The more robust and authoritative for other commentators you are, the more points you gain. To post your comment or to reply to comment and gain requisite points, you need nothing but your will.

Site administrator sets up site rules according to which you can gain points. To find out these rules open the "Help" tab in the widget:

As a rule you can get points for first site visiting, link sharing to social network ( Facebook, Twitter etc.), everyday site visiting etc.

The information about bonuses, power moves and opportunities for expression by the aid of which you "earn" or, quite the opposite, you spend points, is displayed in the "Help" tab.

In case you have lack of points, you can always buy points.

Happy commenting!

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