Release Notes

Version 1.8 (release date 29/03/16)  
+ New widget type "Promo Comments + Folded Comments"
+ Authorisation via Disqus 
+ Credit / Debit card payments
+ Site statistics 
* Proportional exchange points per USD rate (try any payment option to see current rates)
* Updated Game rules / Effects description (click "?" on Widget "Help" tab)
Moderation tab in Site Control panel redesigned

Version 1.4.3 (release date 08/02/16)  

* Profile tab on Widget redesigned

Version 1.4.0 (release date 02/02/16)  
+ Ability to use SolidOpinion API for Promo Widget integrations
+ Displaying Usernames in Blacklists/Whitelists
+ Choose Ban time for users (1 day, 7 days, 30 days, forever)
+ Option to send for moderation BlackListed users comments instead of prohibition to comment

Version 1.3.20 (release date 01/19/16)
+ Android application version 1.0.3 released
+ "Transfer points" became an effect
+ SSO Log in/Log out

Version 1.2.26 (release date 11/23/15)
+ Search user / comment text in moderator admin panel
+ Customised placeholders on widget
* Widget Performance Optimisation

Version 1.2.25 (release date 10/12/15)
+ New widget type "Promo block"
+ New widget type "Promo comments"
+ "Follow thread" feature

Version 1.2.23 (release date 05/21/15)
+ RU site released
+ Option to display full size images/video in comments
+ Display votes/likes authors' names
Preserving spaces and line breaks for [pre] tag
Non-Latin thread urls support
+ Search within Your sites on Publisher admin panel added
* Widget performance improvement

Version 1.2.20 (release date 03/06/15)

+ Comments sorting by oldest
+ Ability to hide comments from blacklisted authors and authors with a negative points balance
+ Alerting authors when comment is close to maximum length
+ Effects separation for applying for own/other's comments for effects: Embed video / Add format / Add remark
+ For moderators, comment sorting by newest in moderation list

Version 1.2.19 (release date 02/18/15)
+ New free effects for ranks (Throw a reputation bomb at the author, Pin comment to the top, Make comment immune to all effects, Cancel all effects, Add an emotion, Add an image to comment)
+ Expert mode improvements (ability to paste links without tags; new tags <blockquote>, <cite>, <p>, <span>, <s>, <strike>, <br>; automatically close tags)
+ UTF8 characters support for widget
+ Activity tab on widget displays amount of new replies received
* Ability to use like / dislike / vote up / vote down for points

Version 1.2.18 (release date 01/30/15)
+ Comments SEO searchable by Google
+ All user's comments are displayed on Profile / Other user profile tab on widget
+ Link to comment is available in timestamp on widget
+ New effects: Add image to own comment / Add image to other comment instead of Add image
+ Relative ranks for users with negative points balance
+ Adding images by URL
+ Ability to change likes/votes notifications
* Widget Activity tab redesign
* Edit/Remove are allowed if effects were applied by author
* Comments extendable on widget
* All admins receive rewards purchase notifications
* Like/Vote up unavailable for own comments

Version 1.2.17 (release date 01/15/15)
+ Sorting options on widget
+ Additional sorting options for site (date only, reputation only)
+ HTML formatting for comments
+ Voted up/ Voted down comments distinction on widget (with "Voted up" / "Voted down" icons and redirect to original discussion)
​+ Optional empty row skipping on widget
* Comment maximum length 3 times increased

Version 1.2.16 (release date 12/18/14)
+ Relative ranks + Custom rules creation for sites

Version 1.2.15 (release date 12/03/14)
+ Availability for site owners/ moderators to apply effects to themselves even when they're protected by site rules
* Community tab & Community widget settings in Publisher admin panel moved into separated tabs

Version 1.2.14 (release date 11/19/14)
+ New colour schema for widget - Grey
+ Negative site bonuses applicable (although they can't make users' balance negative)
+ Notifications for reply contain a part of reply AND a link to the site
+ All notifications contain Unsubscribe link
+ Blogger plugin released (it's available from backend / Embed tab).

Version 1.2.13 (release date 11/05/14)
+ Ability to turn off points purchase on widget
+ Latest threads block added to widget
+ Spam prevention (spam filter fires if the same author publishes the same comment during 60 sec)
+ plugins released for Drupal v.6 / Drupal v.7 / Joomla - plugins are available from Publisher Admin panel / Embed tab
* Ranks with negative points balance

Version 1.2.12 (release date 10/22/14)
+ New effect "Сancel all effects" - Сancels all effects applied to author and comments.
+ New effect "Make comment immune to all effects"- All effects will be unavailable for this comment.
+ New effect "Pin comment to the top" - Pins comment to the top of discussion.
+ Remove profile feature
* Community widget won’t display threads for pages removed from publisher site
* Users’ Ranks are now displayed on Community tab of Widget

Version 1.2.11 (release date 10/08/14)
+ Publisher statistics
+ Community Widget colour settings are applicable from publisher control panel
+ Optional manual moderation
+ Moderation by email

Version 1.2.10 (release date 09/24/14)
+ Community Tab/ Community Widget settings now work from backend
+ "Pending invitations" for moderator
+ Solidopinion Blog on
+ Notifications about new comments published contain full comment text
* Default Rank template now set to "Maximum civility"
* Community tab displays negative stats
* "Flag as inappropriate" charges effect author instead of comment author

Version 1.2.9 (release date 09/10/14)
+ WordPress plugin now available from WordPress repository "Pay for open" effect allows user to choose comment part to be open for preview
+ Recommended Threads list length settings on backend
+ Help tab turning on/off added to backend settings
+ Sign up/Sign in to Yahoo from backend
+ "Change password" link added to widget ("Profile" tab)
+ blog added to the main site

Version 1.2.8 (release date 08/28/14)
+ ability to use tags into comments
* Top commenters lists creation (only users with comments on site can be in the Top list)

Version 1.2.7 (release date 08/14/14)
+ Edit own comment + Remove own comment
+ WordPress plugin published to with manual included
* Rating widget redesigned to a link
* SEO optimised code included to backend (Embed tab in Site Settings)
* Widget displaying customised Game Rules for users not logged in

Version 1.2.6 (release date 07/31/14)
+ yahoo login on widget
+ ability to run widget on multiple domains
+ SEO functionality added to WordPress plugin
* circle icons for widget (log in/ sign up for SolidOpinion and social networks)
* moderator menu moved to widget (to Comment menu for approved comments / to links for comments On moderation / to Author menu to block author)

Version 1.2.5 (release date 07/16/14)
+ SEO optimisation for widgets
+ Manual for XML file creation (for import comments from other commenting systems to SolidOpinion)
* Community widget appearance
* Help updates (,
* Help tab on widget redesign
* Avatars and rewards icons changes (from square to round)
* Changed icons for effects Add Format, Add Remark
* Ads block title changed from Popular Threads to Recommended Threads

Version 1.2.4 (release date 07/02/14)
+ Live chat added to and to backend
* Default list length for Community tab set to 5
* Changes on widget (error messages etc.)

Version 1.2.3 (release date 06/20/14)
+ Help tab on widget (presents Game rules and Rank system on current site)
+ Settings for social networks enabled for Sign in/ Sign up on widget
+ Settings for payment methods enabled on widget
+ Discussion published on
* Changes in Community tab design

Version 1.2.2 (release date 06/05/14)
+ Responsive design for Community Widget
* Changes in Community tab
* Changes in Community Widget
* Effect Pay for Open comment improvements

Version 1.2.1 (release date 05/23/14)
+ New effect Pay for Open hidden comment + Widgets parameters unified
* Ability to use non ASCII characters for site/thread URL
* Localisation Improvements

Version 1.2.0 (release date 05/08/14)
+ Rewards confirmation
+ Customisable rank colours
+ Transparent background is available for widgets
* Unified style and colour schema for all widgets
* Improvement in backend localisation
* Source stats for new subscribers

Version 1.1.11 (release date 04/17/14)
+ Russian localisation for backend
+ Optional Community tab for main widget
* Changes for Comments Widget appearance
* Changes in Comments Widget functionality including Post/Reply function, activity stream, displaying successful/error messages

Version 1.1.7 (release date 03/06/14)
+ Voting type settings (like/vote/both)
+ New game rules/ranks templates + Ability to disable ratings on some pages

Version 1.1.6 (release date 02/26/14)
* Changes in refresh widget function
+ Embed code for comments/community widgets available
+ Rewards counter on widget

Version 1.1.4 (release date 02/09/14)
+ Emoticons set options
+ Russian marketing site
+ Option for reset/save game ranks
+ Activity stream on widget

Version 1.1.2 (release date 01/25/14)
+ UserVoice on site
+ Option for adding user to whitelist after first comment approval + Transfer points from widget
+ Settings for Community tab on widget
+ Passive effects vote_down_received', 'dislike_received'
+ 'First post on the thread' bonus

Version 1.1.0 (release date 01/10/14)
+ Main Widget with ratings version
+ Counter Widget for displaying amount of comments

Happy commenting!

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