How to SEO-optimise your comments?

To make search engines index your comments, you need to add the line below to the comment widget HTML code:<shortname><thread_url>seo.html

SHORTNAME - is your site’s "ShortName" on SolidOpinion (see the "General" tab of your site settings on SolidOpinion)

THREAD_URL - is your page URL without a domain

Note: If you use the SolidOpinion plugin for your site, it will put the link on all pages automatically.

<a href="">Comments archive</a>
That is, if the site’s short name is "example" and its URL is this link will look this way:
<a href="">Comments archive</a>
To check the proper functioning of the link just follow it and see if it shows the plain text of your comments. 

Happy commenting!

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