Effects applying in comments

SolidOpinion offers users various types of effects, which can be applied to a comment itself as well as to its author.

In terms of duration, there are two types of the effects:

1. Temporary effects –  these effects can be applied for a certain time, set by a user

 Temporary effects include: 
  • Change author's name
  • Change author's picture
  • Add remark to a comment
  • Prevent author from posting
  • Pin comment to the top

2. Permanent effects – once these effects are applied, there is no opportunity to remove them

Permanent effects include: 
  • Pay for open comment
  • Throw a reputation bomb at the author
  • Ignore author
  • Add an emotion 
  • Add an image 
  • Embed video 
  • Mark other author's comment as spam
  • Make your comment immune to all effects
  • Cancel all effects (available only for your own comments)

Happy commenting!

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