Drupal plugin

The Drupal plugin performs the following functions:
  • Disables standard comments
  • Adds the SolidOpinion commenting widget at the bottom of each article
  • Adds the SolidOpinion community widget (note: the recommended minimum width for the widget is 300px)
  • Adds the SolidOpinion counter widget for each article
To use the SolidOpinion commenting service create an account following this link: https://my.solidopinion.com/signup

Also you should create an integration for each website, where the SolidOpinion commenting widget is going to be installed (the integration short name is required in the Drupal plugin configuration).
Follow this link to create an integration: http://my.solidopinion.com/addsite


Q. Do you have Single Sign On ?  
A. Currently we don't have this feature but it is on our road map for second version.

Q. Is it possible to import/export comments or users? 
A. Yes. You can send an import/export request to help@solidopinion.com and we’ll do it for you for free! Please note that we will need 1-2 days to carry out your request.

Plugin download

Happy commenting!

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