Moderation on widget
Moderation in control panel
Moderation through email notifications

Who can moderate on SolidOpinion?

The site owner, site administrators and anyone designated as a moderator.

Moderation through the widget

When moderation is turned on, the words "Pending moderation" will appear below any posted comment. This means that a comment is awaiting approval by a moderator and, after approval, will become visible to other commenters.  

The moderator, on the other hand, sees several options below the comment and, depending on its content, the moderator can "Approve" it, "Delete" or "Mark as spam". The site administrator and site owner also have the option to "Block user" (see the "Actions" menu).  

These options can also be applied to approved comments:
Delete comment

Mark as spam

Block user

Moderation in the control panel

The moderation panel is located here: Go to the "Your sites" tab => Choose the needed website => Click the "Moderate" button:  

Moderation menu

If you are a moderator, you can approve, mark as spam, or delete messages.

You can also apply any of the above options to several comments at a time.

As a moderator, you can also see which comments were marked as spam or deleted.

There is also an opportunity for the administrator and site owner to add commenters to the "Black list".  

Moderation through email notifications

To moderate comments through email notifications, it is necessary to enable the "Email notifications" option in the "Your Profile" tab:   

After the “Email notifications” option is set to "Yes", you will receive email notifications about new comments just posted on your site. Each notification will contain three options "Approve", "Delete" and "Mark as spam".  

If you are an administrator or site owner, the notification will additionally contain the "block user" option.  
Here is the example of the email notification:   

Once one of the options is selected, you will be redirected to your SolidOpinion profile page where your action will be confirmed:  

Happy commenting!

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