Edit comment

Effect: "Edit comment"
Location: Main menu

The "Edit comment" option enables you to change and/or make corrections in your comment.

To edit your comment just click the "Edit" button in the user toolbar and after all corrections and/or changes are made press the "Apply" button:

Note: If you decided not to use the “Edit comment” effect just click the "Cancel" button.

The "Edit commentoption can be used by the time a comment has no replies, votes or effects applied to it by other users. Thus, as soon as a comment gets a reply, vote or an effect applied, it can no longer be edited.

If someone has replied, voted or applied an effect to a comment at the moment you’re trying to edit it, an error message will appear alerting you of the fact that you can no longer edit this comment:

All of this is irrelevant if the replies/votes/likes/effects were made by the comment’s author: in that case, "Edit" effect remains available.

Happy commenting!

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