Pay for open for site owners

The "Pay to open" effect enables a user to hide a certain part of the comment. The other users will have to spend a certain amount of their points to see the full text of the comment.

This effect is available only if the "Regular Comments" option is selected as the main widget type in the "Style" tab on the admin panel.

To make this effect available for use, go to the "Game Rules" tab:  

This effect is not compatible with the "Expert mode" effect, if it is enabled for the rank, then the effect of "Pay for open" is not available.

Also, this effect is only available for comments widget.

To apply this effect, it is necessary to select the text that you want to make visible and press "Select".

After that you should set the number of points for which other commenters may open your comment and press the "Add" button.

After using this effect, your comment will be as follows.

Happy commenting!

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