Rank system for commenters

The SolidOpinion ranking system helps build a strong community on your website. If ranks are enabled on your site, users obtain a rank whenever they possess the required number of points.

To maintain the achieved rank, however, the balance of your points must not drop. 

The site owner can select the following effects and features to be available for a user to be used for free once they achieve a certain rank:
  • Change comment author's name
  • Change comment author's profile picture
  • Reputation bomb
  • Add emotion
  • Prevent comment's author from posting
  • Mute comment's author
  • Turn off replies on a comment
  • Make comment immune to all effects
  • Pin comment to the top
  • Cancel all effects
  • Add an image to comment
  • Embed video in comment
  • Add format
  • Add remark
  • HTML is allowed (Expert mode)
All bonus effects and features are accumulated for next ranks.
To see how many points you need to earn to get the higher rank go to the "Profile" tab:

To learn more about ranks on a certain website go to the "Help" tab.

Happy commenting!

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