Rank system for site owner

The site owner can set up the rank system for commenters. To do this, go to the "Ranks" tab on the SolidOpinion admin panel.

Step 1. Log in to your SolidOpinion account.

Step 2. Choose the "Your sites" tab.

Step 3. Enter the shortname of your site.

Step 4. Click the "Settings" button.

Step 5. Choose the "Ranks" tab.

Step 6. Select a template that will befit to your site's topic clicking on the "Select a template" droplist and choose an appropriate rank template

You may set up your ranks as Absolute and Relative.

Absolute ranks depend on the amount of points that the user has. Once the user is over the required points amount the rank is attained.

Use absolute ranks if you are not worried about rank inflation,over time all the users will be trending upwards in points and you might want to re-adjust the ranks.

Relative ranks are based on user's point balance relative to point balances of other users.
For example: 99% percentile rank means that users in this rank have larger point balances than balances of 99% of the remaining user base, thus there is only 1% of them in the system.

Use relative ranks if you want to keep the user hierarchy dynamically adjusting over time with no intervention required on your end.

If ranks are enabled on your site, users obtain a rank whenever they possess the required amount of points.

To maintain the achieved rank, however, your point balance must not drop. Each rank provides certain privileges, for example:
  • Moderation rights
  • Protection on your site from all effects
  • One free effect
You can select one of the rank templates to be used on your website and/or add a new rank by yourself.

When you add new rank you may specify:

- rank name
- if commentators will have moderator rights
- if they will have protection from all effects
- required point balance
- rank color
- rank icon
- one of free effects:
  • Change the author's name
  • Change the author's picture
  • Reputation bomb;
  • Add an emotion;
  • Prevent author from posting
  • Mute author
  • Turn off replies on a comment
  • Make comment immune to all effects
  • Pin comment to the top
  • Сancel all effects
  • Add an image
  • Embed video
  • Add format
  • Add remark
  • HTML is allowed (Expert mode)
- specify points transfer.  

Happy commenting!

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