Setting: "Post-moderation"

Site administrators have an opportunity to turn on the post-moderation option on the website, which means that all comments will be open for moderation even after they have been already posted and displayed to all users.

To turn on the post-moderation option go to the "Your Sites" tab, then find the website you want to activate this option on and click the "Settings" button.

After that go to the "Moderation" tab and select the "Post Moderation" option in the settings:

When this option is activated, comments will be displayed on the moderation panel as well as in the widget. To find the moderation panel go to the "Your Sites" tab and click the "Moderate" button under your website: 

Moderators have an opportunity to approve, mark as spam and delete comments:


Administrators and site owners can also add commenters to the Black list. All deleted comments and comments, marked as spam, can be found in the "Spam" and "Deleted" tabs on the moderation panel.

Happy commenting!

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