Change author's picture

Effect: "Change author's picture"
Location: "Actions" menu

The "Change the author’s picture" effect enables you to change the picture of another user for a certain time.

To apply this effect you should open the "Actions" menu located under the comment of the user, whose picture you want to change:

Then click on the "Change author’s picture" icon in the user toolbar:

Choose and upload an image file you want to use as a new avatar from your computer (make sure the image to be one of the following formats: GIF, JPG or PNG) and press the "Apply for X points" button.

In case you selected a certain image and then decided to change it for another one click the "Choose another image" button and after that choose and upload another image.

If you decided not to use the "Change the author’s picture" effect just click the "Cancel" button.

Note: This is a "paid" effect which means that you’ll have to spend a certain amount of your points to change the image of another user.

Happy commenting!

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