Add a remark

Effect: "Add a remark"
Location: "Comment" menu

With SolidOpinion, you can not only reply to comments, but also actually comment WITHIN other people’s comments!
In order to do this you need to select the part of the comment that you want to say something about and then leave your remark.

"Add a remark" effect lets you be very specific and expressive.

Note: The effect will last however long you choose and will cost you points.

Commenters / Комментаторам

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  5. Add a remark
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  40. Иммунитет комментария от эффектов
  41. Много голосов "ЗА"/голосов "ПРОТИВ"/раз "нравится"/раз "не нравится"
  42. Нравится/Не нравится/Голосовать ЗА/Голосовать ПРОТИВ
  43. Ответить на комментарий
  44. Отметить как спам
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