Widget "Promo"

Initially at the Widget "Promo" all comments are undisclosed and it is shown only the quantity of points spent for promotion, author, numerical order, comment text, like/dislike, vote up/vote down, replies quantity

At comment disclosing (press the sign "+" in the comment line) it is displayed the author's avatar, full comment's text, effects from the list named "Comment" (emotions, pictures, video) and also all comments from replies' list:

The comment located foremost has bigger type:

The field for comment input and also the replies' list are displayed at pressing the "Reply" button under the comment:

Comments promotion

The comment can be promoted in two ways:

  1. From the block of comments input -  do not send the comment after its writing but press the button "Promote":

    2. from the block of comments and promo-block - by the button "Promote" (but only the already existing comment):


These are points which will be used if your bid is broken. The quantity of points is mentioned during the bid. Insurance points will be taken only during their usage.

Insurance work principle: if your bid is broken, then insurance points will be used to make the minimum bid to your comment according to bids rules. Insurance points can be added at the repeated promotion. They are summarized with the previous points.  

Notification at the broken bid

You will receive the letter with notification if your bid is broken. But you need to set notifications in the profile.

Types of Widget "Promo"

There are 3 main types of Widget "Promo":
- Widget "Promoted Comments",
- Widget "Promoted Comments + Regular Comments (folded)
- Widget Promoted Comments + Regular Comments

Widget "Promoted Comments" :

 Widget "Promoted Comments + Regular Comments (folded):

Widget "Promoted Comments + Regular Comments" : 

In order to install the Widget "Promo" on your site please read the following Instruction.

Also you can set different parameters for the widget "Promo"

Happy commenting!

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