Disqus comments importing

To import comments from Disqus follow the steps below:

Step 1. 
Log in to the Disqus account as an admin.

Step 2. Open the "Community" tab.

Step 3.In the "Discussions" tab select the Disqus thread, from which comments will be imported:

Step 4. Go to the "Export" tab and press the "Export Comments" button:

Step 5.  The link for downloading the .xml Disqus file will be sent to the email mentioned in the admin profile   

For the data format example, please, refer to: Disqus Export XML Data Format.

Disqus data import peculiarities:

1. If the user’s email already exists in the SolidOpinion database, comments are imported from his/her Disqus account into the SolidOpinion account automatically  
2. If a user is not registered on SolidOpinion, the account is imported only if it meets the following requirements: the user has indicated his/her valid name and email, containing allowed characters, and the indicated email is different from that, which is automatically created by the Disqus system 
3. The imported users’ accounts contain only User Names and emails, all other data is not imported 
4. Comments are imported if they are published in the Disqus thread or are under moderation (such files cannot be separated in the .xml Disqus file)
5. The order of imported comments remains the same as in the Disqus system 
6. All comments should look the same way as they do in the exported thread after the import process is complete            
     6.1 A link pasted in a comment is imported as a link if according to the site rules expert mode was enabled for an author of the comment
     6.2 A link pasted in a comment is imported as plain text if according to the site rules expert mode wasn’t available for an author of the comment

7. Comments format remains the same, tags are imported as well
8. <p> and </p> tags in the middle of the comment remain the same as in the original comment
9. <p> tag at the beginning of the comment and </p> tag at the end of the comment are cut out from the API side 
Elements, which cannot be imported from Disqus:
  1. Comments of the users, whose accounts can’t be imported from Disqus
  2. Users avatars.
  3. Comments, containing invalid characters
  4. Comments marked as spam during the API testing
  5. Comments deleted by users or moderators
  6. Comments marked as spam by moderators
  7. Replies to the main comments, which have not been imported for some reason

All comments shall look the same as in exported threads: 

  • the link is imported into the link, if the user has the"expert mode" according to site's rules; 
  • the link is transformed into "plain text", if the user has no "expert mode" by site's rules;
  • all other tags similar to the link;
  • tags <p> at the beginning of comment and </p> at the end of comment are cut from API side (it is associated with the peculiarity of Disqus export which add tags <p> at the beginning and </p> at the end of comment).

To import comments into SolidOpinion commenting system you have to email to support@solidopinion.com. Specify the following information in the letter:
shortname - the site shortname you need comments will be imported from
date – send date
filename – name of an XML file in format import_shortname_(dd-mm-yy).xml
Attach an XML file strictly in archive with .zip extention.

Happy commenting!

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