Widget "Promo" (parameters)

To have the SolidOpinion commenting widget appropriately displayed on your site make sure it meets the following width requirements:

The minimal recommended width for the widget with one AD block is 380 px.
The minimal recommended width for the widget with two AD blocks in a row is 630 px.

To change the widget settings use the SolidOpinion admin panel. If you want to change settings of a certain webpage, modify the following parameters in its embed code:

Data-thread title
Data-thread URL

Inserting parameters in the widget code

The widget configuration parameters can be added in the code like the <div> tag attributes.

See the example of the SolidOpinion commenting widget standard code:
<div class="so_comments" data-sitename="index"></div>
<script src="//api.solidopinion.com/widget/embed.js" async="async"></script>
<noscript>Please enable JavaScript to view the <a href="http://solidopinion.com/">comments powered by Solidopinion.</a></noscript>

Required parameter


A short name is a unique identifier of your site within the SolidOpinion system. This parameter is obligatory to be specified, otherwise the widget will fail to load.

Example: data-sitename="example"

Optional parameters


This parameter enables you to use a unique name for the specific thread of comments.

Example: data-thread_title="example"


This parameter ensures the help tab is displayed in the widget (true/false)

Example: data-help-enabled="true"


The Data-type parameter enables you to switch between different widget types directly in the HTML code.
The "promo" and "promo-comment" widget types can function properly only if any type of the “Promo” widget is selected on the backend.

data-type="comments" - works like widget "Comments"
data-type="promo" -  turns on widget "Promoted Comments"
data-type="promo-comment" - turns on widget "Promoted comments + Regular comments".


The Data-colors parameter enables you to change the color scheme of the widget to match the look and feel of your website.
Hex colors ("ffffff").
      b - comment background (To set transparent color please use an example "b": "transparent")
      t - comment font
      n - user name and links
      s - menu and system text (icons, borders)
      l - like/vote up
      d - dislike/vote down
      i - rating stars and rang icons
      m - the background color of the pop-up menus and tooltips
      i_back - the background color of the comment input field
      i_bord - frame color of comments input form
      pp_bord - window frame color (user info) / tips
      bt_txt - button text color
      pr_butt - button: Comment, Create, Sign Up, Login, Restore
      se_butt - button: Cancel

data-colors = '{"b": "transparent", "t":"000000", "n":"50baeb", "s":"969696", "l":"16d900", "d":"e6000c", "i":"ffffff", "m":"000000", "i_back":"468798", "i_bord":"354546", "pp_bord":"654324", "bt_txt":"687324","pr_butt":"354987","se_butt":"784262"}


This parameter enables you to set the payment methods in the widget (paypal/facebook/sms)  

Example: data-payment-gateways="facebook"


The thread URL is automatically selected by default. To avoid duplication of discussions on certain sites, in case you have different URLs for desktop and mobile site versions, use this parameter to specify the thread URL in the widget code – this way you’ll get duplicated discussions merged into one.  

Example: data-thread_url="/example"


This parameter enables you to turn on/off the community tab in the widget (true/false).  

Example: data-community-enabled="false"


Use this parameter to select the sections to be displayed and set their order in the Community tab.
The Community tab may incorporate the information on Popular threads, Latest threads, Top commenters by points and Popular commenters.

Example: data-community-tabs="popular_thread, last_threads, top_by_points, popular_commentors"


This parameter enables you to specify the number of comments – from one to ten – to be displayed in the widget.  

Example: data-community-length="8"


Use this parameter to specify the social networking services, the login details of which can be applied to access the SolidOpinion account (Facebook/Vkontakte/Twitter/Google).  

Example: data-social-networks="twitter"

Data-font size

This parameter enables you to change the font size used in the comment widget ( -2px; -1px; +1px; +2px of default widget font size )  

Example: data-font_size="-2"


The widget adapts to the language stored in the browser cookies. Use one of the following embed codes to apply a certain language for all the users of your website:
  • English - "en"  
  • Russian - "ru"
  • Ukrainian - "uk "
  • Dutch -“ nl ”
  • French-“fr”
  • Indonesian-“in”
  • Polish-“pl”
  • Portuguese-“po”
  • Spanish -“es”
  • Swedish-“sw”
  • Turkish-“tu”
  • German-“de”
  • Italian – “it”

Example: data-language="en"

Example of code using the abovementioned parameters:
<div class="so_comments" data-sitename="index" 
  data-colors= '{"b":"transparent", "t":"000000", "n":"50baeb", "s":"969696", "l":"16d900", "d":"e6000c", "i":"ffffff","m":"000000", "i_back":"468798", "i_bord":"354546", "pp_bord":"654324", "bt_txt":"687324","pr_butt":"354987","se_butt":"784262"}'
  data-community-tabs= "popular_thread, last_threads, top_by_points, popular_commentors"
<script src="//api.solidopinion.com/widget/embed.js" async="async"></script>
<noscript>Please enable JavaScript to view the <a href="http://solidopinion.com/">comments powered by Solidopinion.</a></noscript>

“Promo” Widget Special Parameters:

Widget "Promo" type is set at the site backend, tab style. If you choose any widget type from promoted, then the revenue tab will be unblocked for changes.

Settings at the revenue tab:

  • Number of comments displayed in the promoted comment section - comments quantity are pointed out in the promo-block which will be displayed. Comments which do not get in, will be displayed by pressing "See xxx more promoted comment" on widget. (By default- 3)
  • Minimum bid for a promotional comment - the minimum bid is pointed out in order to promote the comment. (By default - 50)
  • Comment length to be displayed - the quantity of lines which will be displayed in promo-block . Everything, what is not get in - will be displayed by comment disclosing (by pressing the "+") (By default the sign "+"). (By default - 3)
  • Default text in comment text field - text which will be displayed in the input field of promoted comments.  (By default - "Leave a promoted comment"). Note: It is applied ONLY at the widget promoted.
  • Promoted comment description - text for displaying above the question mark at the widget or navigation at the points quantity spent for promo. (By default - "This is a promoted comment which means a third party has spent money to secure placement")

To get more detailed information on the “Promoted Headlines” settings click here.

To get more detailed information on the “Promoted Comments” settings click here.

To get general information about the “Promo” widget click here.

Happy commenting!

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