Widget "Forum"

The “Forum” widget enables you to create forum discussions on different topics. Also it allows you to view information about the community, your profile and your activity.

The “Forum” widget looks the following way:


1. The main information about the user (name, rank, amount of points available etc.) is gathered in the “Profile” section in the upper right corner of the user toolbar:


Within this “Profile” section a user can also “Buy Points” (which are necessary to use more effects in comments), check their “Public Profile” (it will redirect a user to my.solidopinion.com/user/ page), "Change Settings" (it will redirect a user to the SolidOpinion Comments profile page), or "Log out" of their profile:

2. Users can also take a look on:

- Community information,
- Rewards (if any):


  - Profile information (it duplicates info described in the previous paragraph and also contains more detailed info about the user and their comments):


- Their profile activity:


- The “Help” section which gives helpful information about Bonuses, Power Moves, Opportunities for Expression and Ranks:

Let's see how it looks like:

Note: Above there is an example of the widget with the Default current template selected in the Game Rules tab and Custom current template selected in the Ranks tab on the admin panel.

Features & Effects

The SolidOpinion Comments widget enables commenters to use different features and effects in their comments to make the discussion interesting and engaging:
  • You can vote for or against a comment’s author. 
  • You can "Like" or "Dislike" comments. 
  • You can block someone. 
  • You can delete or mark their comment as spam
And everyone gains rank and reputation.

Most importantly, the way you tune SolidOpinion comments to suit your site not only defines just how your online community will operate, it also organically discourages trolling and other unsavory behavior.

Available Features (you can find them below)

Let's describe the most important features:
  • Change author's name – you can temporarily change another person’s screen name.
  • Change author's picture – you can temporarily change another person’s avatar.
  • Throw a reputation bomb at the author – allows to take a certain number of points from another person.
  • Ignore author – Lets you add the person to ignored list. Their comments will no longer be visible to you.
  • Prevent author from posting – You can temporarily prevent someone else from commenting.
  • Flag as inappropriate – You can mark a comment as inappropriate.
  • Multi vote up/vote down – When one vote just isn’t enough, this feature allows you to vote for or against a comment several times.
  • Multi like/dislike – When one vote just isn’t enough, this feature allows you to like or dislike a comment several times.
  • Add an emotion – You can add an emotion.
  • Add a remark – This special feature lets you insert your thoughts right into the text of another comment. It’s pretty cool, check it out.
  • Add an image – You can add an image to the comment.
  • Embed video – Gives you the opportunity to embed a video right into your comment, for a look that’s clean.
  • Turn off replies – When further comment is simply unnecessary or unwanted.
  • Social Network sharing – As always, social sharing is encouraged, and SolidOpinion makes it easy for you to do. With one click, you can share any commenting activity to your favorite social Network (only SolidOpinion supports so many – FaceBook, Twitter, Google+, vkontakte, Yahoo)
To install the "Forum" Widget on your site, please read the following Instruction.

Also you can setup different parameters for Widget "Forum"

Happy commenting!

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