Widget (installation)

To install the widget on your page do the following steps: 

Step 1. Go to solidopinion.com and click on the "Sign Up" button on the top panel of the site    

Step 2. Register by using the direct link for the registration https://my.solidopinion.com/signup/

Step 3. Fill out the required fields and press the "Sign Up" button:


Also, you have an opportunity to sign in by connecting your Facebook, Twitter, Vkontakte, Yahoo, or Google+ accounts

Note: By clicking "Sign Up", you agree to our Terms and Policies automatically.

Step 4.  To add your site to the SolidOpinion system click on the "Add your first site" button in the "I am a website owner" option:

Step 5. You've created your own site successfully. Enter the site title and URL (your site's domain name).

You can make changes there, add user's avatar, choose the language

Note: After making changes press the "Save Changes" button. If changes were updated you will see the following message:


Step 7.  Find the "Embed" tab on the admin panel of your website to get the embed code, with the help of which the SolidOpinion widget can be installed

Step 8. Read the SolidOpinion Publisher agreement and click the "I agree" button at the bottom of the page:


Step 9.  And here it is - your site's code! Copy the provided embed code and paste it into the appropriate place of your website code:


Step 10.  Also you can choose the main widget type (Widget "Promoted Comments", Widget "Promoted Comments Regular Comments", Widget "Promoted Comments + Regular Comments (folded)",  Widget "Regular Comments" in the tab "Style" the "Configure" section:

To confirm your widget type selection, click on the "Save" button.

Step 11To select one of the additional widget types go to the "Embed" tab. Open the "Widget type" dropdown list and select one of the options:

Widget "Comments", Widget "Community", Widget "Counter" or Widget "Promoted Headlines"

Step 12.  To activate the selected widget copy the generated embed code to the clipboard and insert it into the appropriate place of your website code

Step 13.  To install one more additional widget on your website, go back to the "Embed" tab, make a selection of the widget from the dropdown list and copy the generated code for the corresponding widget and then paste it into the appropriate place of your website code

More information about widget types you can get here.

This article gives you information about additional parameters in the widget code.

Happy commenting!

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