Additional Widget Types

  Except main widget types there are two additional widgets: Widget "Community", Widget "Promoted Headlines"  and  Widget "Counter" (see the picture below):

Widget "Community"

Widget "Community" is designed to show information to people visiting your site.
It gives them an overview of your community’s activity and ideas as to threads they might want to start exploring on your site.

Widget "Community" looks like the following:

Recently commented threads:

Popular threads:

The detailed description of widget "Community" you can find here

Widget "Promoted headlines"  

Promoted headlines widget type is aimed to show short messagges it can be advertising messages or links, or text messages.

Widget "Promoted Headlines" looks like the following:   

You can pin links to your text. Doing this you need type your text message first, then click on the "Add link to all text" button. 

In the pop-up window enter your link and click the tick.  

You are also able to promote your message.

 Widget "Counter"

It is a widget that shows the quantity of comments in the thread.
Such a widget is installed for the certain page and shows just that number of comments present only at this page.

Widget "Counter" looks like the following:

While main widget type is " Comments with Rating" then "Counter" widget additionally shows rating of thread and quantity of votes. Looks like the following:

The detailed description of Widget "Counter" you can find here

  In order to install the widget on your site please read the following Instruction.  

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