Additional Widget Types

The "Community", "Counter" and "Promoted Headlines" widgets are additional widget types, which can be installed on your website along with the main widget types.

"Community" Widget

The "Community" widget is designed to give an overview of the website’s community activity. The widget panel contains three tabs: "People", "Recent" and "Popular", displaying information on top commenters, recent and popular threads on your website:

To get more detailed information on the "Community" widget click here.
Also you can learn more about the "Community" widget parameters here.

"Promoted Headlines" Widget

The "Promoted Headlines" widget enables a website owner to generate additional revenue from their website. The widget allows users to sponsor relevant content by placing text ads above article headlines, visible to users across all devices. To post a promoted headline a user will have to spend a certain number of points, determined by the website owner on the admin panel. However, other users also have an opportunity to get involved into the competition for the top spot and outbid the user, who posted the promoted headline.

You can attach links to the text of the message. To do this, you need  first to click on the triangle to the right, to open two text boxes, enter your text message in the first, and then enter a link of your product in the second.
You are also able to promote your message. To do this click the "Promotebutton.

To get the information about the "Promoted Headlines" widget settings click here.

"Counter" Widget

The "Counter" widget is installed for a certain page and shows the number of comments available on this page only:

To get more detailed information on the "Counter" widget click here.
Also you can learn more about the "Counter" widget parameters here.

In order to install the widget on your site please read the following Instruction.  

Happy commenting!

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